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100% Local Biltong

with a

unique african flavour

We supply quality Biltong, Droewors, Boerewors,
Cabanossi, Salami and Bacon.

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our 63yr old special recipe

will make

your tastebuds tingle

With over 50 years of experience you can be sure.

that we certainly know what makes top quality biltong.

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our herbs & spices


carefully chosen

Carefully selected spices through years of experience

have created those unique mouth watering flavours.

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If its great biltong your'e after then this is the place for you!

Welcome to Die Biltong Ou !

Suppliers of quality and local Biltong, Droewors and Salami

about die biltong ou

our passion

Our journey started in 1963, on the Free State farm, Francina, near a small village, Verkeerdevlei. Die Biltong Ou used Ouma and Oupa's recipe from back then and added his own character to create something truly special.

direct orders

Orders can be placed directly, on Facebook or purchased in a variety of local stores, plaaswinkels en kuierplekke. Die biltong kan ook geproe word in geregte in van die voorste restaurante in ons eie dorpie, Hermanus.

how we think

Omdat Biltong Ou self n' biltong fynproewer is, is dit sy trots om net die allerbeste kwaliteit teen bekostigbare pryse aan te bied. Being a biltong lover himself, Biltong Ou took pride in great service and delivery with a smile.

Unique Flavours

Because we use our own freshly roasted and ground spices we are able to produce this unique and top quality biltong and boerewors through a recipe that has been fine tuned over years of carefully selected spices.

about our products

We provide quality products at unbelievable prices. Take a look at what we have to offer.


Ons poog om sover moontlik Bonsmara en Angus vleis te gebruik wat in stresvrye onstandigvrede spesiaal van die mark geteel is en by geregistreede slagpale geslag is.


The game differs pending on the best buck that had appeared in front of the rifles telescope recently, usually Kudu, Eland oe Springbok.


Word van die beste kwaliteit vleis gemaak. Dit word onder Biltong Ou se wakende oog skoongemaak van seunings en ander afvalprodukte, gemaal, met vars geroosterde, gemaalde speserye gemeng en gestop.


Another top quality meat product made with special spices for that perfect snack.


To put decent salami on the table takes about seven weeks of different specialized processes, like double grinding, curing and smoking. We take pride in offering you our own authentic salamis.


Being a bacon addict, Die Biltong Ou had no choice but to provide his love of bacon to the masses through carefully chosen pork, prepared, cured & smoked to perfection. The combination is to die for!

What makes our biltong the best

Our journey started way back in 1963, on a Free State farm, Francina, near the small dorpie called Verkeerdevlei. Daar het Oupa en Ouma begin beeslag, en hul eie resepte vir biltong en boerewors aanmekaar begin.
Years later The Biltong Ou added his own unique flavours and character to his Oupa's and Ouma's recipes and created some of the most mouth watering meat products ever tasted!

  • 100% locally produced meat products.
  • Only the best cut meat is used for our products
  • Years of carefully selected herbs and spices.
  • Our curing process has been refined with precision.
  • Quality packaging for the freshest meatiest flavour.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry you can be sure that we certainly know what makes top quality biltong and various other meat products such as boerewors, salami, cabanossi and ofcourse our famous bacon biltong!

North Preview

our products

Take a look at some of our mouth watering products. To view our products per category simply select the product range you would like to view by clicking on one of the category buttons below.

our biltong process


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